Are you tired of hearing about sustainability? Well… we haven’t yet.

It’s nothing new that the textile industry is one of the major contributors to global warming. As an example, about 20% of water pollution is caused by the industry of which we are part, and we are not proud of that.
 All this has led us to take an even more responsible attitude, an environmental conscience motivated by global warming, the shortage of natural resources and the excessive amount of waste.
At DGL we are constantly developing efforts and procedures to reduce waste, optimise resources and work with partners who share our environmental policy.
These are the small behaviours and actions that we want to be distinguished, aiming and working for a healthy planet.
In 2018, we began a restructuring of the company’s entire infrastructure, providing it with better conditions for all employees, making even better use of natural light, optimising the thermal and energy efficiency of the entire company and thereby reducing the footprint we leave on the only planet we have.
The use of organic or recycled fabrics is already part of our daily lives. In packaging we drastically reduce the use of plastics, replacing them with recycled and bio-degradable materials.
 We are privileged to work with many customers who also share our values.

If you want to be part of the change, free to talk to us and also be one of our Partners.

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